Condensate Vessels

FAV range of Condensate Vessels is designed to trap condensate and foreign matter that may accumulate in gaseous service lines, and purify gas media. They are often classified as condensation, isolation and separation vessels in different applications, widely used in refineries, power plants, petro-chemical and other process industries.

FAV Condensate Vessel is available in Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Monel

Condensate Vessel is designed to drain out foreign material from the pipeline thereby guarding critical components of instrumentation system. Generally Steam is passed through Condensate Vessels. Condensate Vessel  are used to collect and accumulate condensate and extrinsic particles. Condensate Vessels aid in protecting delicate instruments with smaller orifices from becoming damaged or clogged by foreign debris. The bottom connection is used as a drain port to remove condensate. Condensate Vessels can also be used to cool very high temperature liquids.

FAV Condensate Vessel, is available in Stainless Steel 316 ,304 ,Carbon Steel,Monel. High Pressure Rating upto 10,000 psi . SIzes from 2″ OD to 6″ OD

FAV Condensate Vessel connection ensures isolation of foreign material. The condensate residue is drained from the bottom valve connection .These valve can be purchased at FAV .Installation can be either vertical or horizontal lines depending on the system requirement. Also Condensate Vessel is used before the pressure transmitters line because temperature of steam is very high so this high temp. Steam directly may damage diaphragm of the pressure transmitter .

We offer Condensate Vessel in widest range possible .It is available in Stainless Steel 316, Stainless Steel 304, Carbon Steel ASTM A106 ,Carbon Steel  ASTM A105,Alloy Steel ASTM A335 P11 ,Alloy Steel  ASTM A335 P22 , Monel 400

Condensate Vessel are fabricated from Seamless pipe. Standard pipe sizes are 2″ to 6″. Connection fittings are then installed on Condensate Pots be it NPT or welded socket adaptors, Butt Weld…etc


1)     Customize your own Condensate Vessel that fits best in your process or select from our catalogue

2)     Variety of end connections includes Male / Female NPT, BSPT, BSPP

3)     Dust Cap provided

4)     High Pressure/Temperature Rating Available.

Condensate Vessels
Condensate Vessel
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Condensate Vessel
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Condensate Vessel
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