What are Thermowell ?

FAV range of Thermowell protects and extends the usage life of a temperature sensor in critical process applications where the sensor is not physically compatible with the environment. Installed directly into the piping systems, thermowells facilitate sensor replacement in high pressure pipelines and eliminate the need to interrupt the process flow or drain the process system for sensor maintenance function. Thermowells are utilized when pressure, high velocity and corrosive process media exist. This serves to isolate and protect the sensing instrument, and permits removal of a sensing instrument without shutting down the process. A perfect solution for protecting the process and extending product service life.

Types of Thermowell


Most common types of are Threaded Tapered Thermowell, Threaded Straight Thermowell, Drilled Barstock Thermowell, Flanged Weld Straight Thermowell, Flanged Weld Tapered Thermowell, Socket Weld Thermowell, Threaded Step Thermowell


FAV Thermowells has been specifically designed for use on instrumentation, process and control systems, together with equipment employed in oil and gas, marine and shipping, chemical, chromatography, petroleum. Thermowells provide safe and reliable pressure measurement, while meeting challenging applications in Process Market like Chemical and Petrochemical Plants,Water and Wastewater pressure Control and Medical and Life Sciences Market like Pharmaceutical / Biotech and Food and Beverage. For Pipe Fittings to be used click here .For Ferrule fittings click here .

Material Availability

FAV Thermowells are available in Stainless Steel 304 ( SS 304 ), Stainless Steel 316 ( SS 316) ,  Brass ( Grade IS 319 ), Carbon Steel, Titanium Grade 2 Fittings ( Ti Gr 2), Monel 400 , Monel 500 , Hastelloy C 276, Incoloy 800 ( Alloy 800 ), Inconel 600, Inconel 625 , Inconel 825, Duplex 2205 and Super Duplex .Stainless Steel 316 Thermowell are most common .


1) Customize your own Thermowell or Select from Standard Catalogues
2) We can make custom Thermowell upto 6000 mm
3) Variety of styles , shapes and sizes
4) Options of Thermowells end connections

Basic Selection Criteria for Thermowells

Insertion Lengths2″ to 32″
Shank typeStepped,Tapered, and Straight Shank
Process connection1/2″ to 2″
Thermowell connection1/2″ to 2″
Bore Size1/8″ to 1/2″ (4mm to 12mm)
End ConnectionNPT,BSP,Socket Weld
Material SS 316 , SS 316L, SS 304 , CS, Brass,Monel and Hastelloy.Titanium
Threaded Thermowell
Thermowell Weld Type - Straight
Barstock Thermowell
Thermowell Straight Bar Stock
Thermowell in Piping
Thermowell Straight with Test Wall
SS Thermowell
Thermowell Tappered
Thermowell for Temperature Gauge
Thermowell Step
Flanged Thermowell
Thermowell Flanged Weld Type
Flange Thermowell
Thermowell Flanged Bar Stock
Stainless Steel Thermowell
Thermowell Flanged Tappered
Thermowell Manufacturer
Thermowell Flanged Step

Custom made Thermowell in exotic and non-standards grades

We make custom Thermowells in variety of grades like Monel 400 , Monel 500 , Inconel 625 UNS N06625, Inconel 825 UNS N08825, Stainless Steel Duplex 2205, UNS S31803, Stainless Steel Super Duplex 2507, UNS S32750, Titanium Grade 2,Incoloy 600 UNS N06600, Incoloy 800 UNS N08810 .Please see some photos below

Titanium Grade 2 Thermowells
Titanium Thermowell
Titanium Flange Thermowell
Titanium Thermowell
Titanium Grade 2 Thermowell
Titanium Thermowell
Titanium Thermowell
Titanium Thermowell
Hastelloy C276 Thermowell
Hastelloy Thermowell
Hastelloy Thermowell
Hastelloy Thermowell
Hastelloy C276 Thermowells
Hastelloy Thermowell
Hastelloy Flange Thermowell
Hastelloy Thermowell
Hastelloy Straight Thermowell Bar Stock
Hastelloy Thermowell
Inconel Thermowell
Inconel Thermowell
Inconel 825 Thermowell
Inconel Thermowell
Inconel 625 Thermowell
Inconel Thermowell
Super Duplex Thermowell
Duplex Thermowell
Duplex Thermowell
Super Duplex Thermowell
Monel 400 Thermowell
Monel Thermowell
Monel Thermowell
Monel Thermowell
Custom Make Thermowell
Step Thermowell
Straight Thermowells
Bar Stock Thermowells
PTFE Straight Thermowell
PTFE Straight Thermowells
Teflon Male Straight Thermowell
PTFE Male Straight Thermowell
Teflon Female Straight Thermowell
PTFE Female Straight Thermowell
Teflon Thermowells.
PTFE Thermowells.
Titanium Thermowell
Inconel Thermowell