Siphon Tubes

FAV Siphon Tubes protect your pressure instruments, gauges, switches and transmitters from high temperature process fluids. Siphon Tubes are used to protect those directly coming in contact with high temperature process fluids or vapors. These reduce steam or other process media temperature prior to enter into these instruments.Syphons  are manufactured to stringent quality control program and standards which assure the highest quality available in the industry. We are a global industry leading provider of Syphon solutions.


Siphon Tubes- Variety

FAV Syphons are available in a wide array of configurations based on end users requirement such as NPT, BSP, Butt Weld, Flanged, Socket Weld or Compression outlets.U Type Siphons are Suitable for Veritcal Pipe Mounting.Coil / Pigtail Siphons are Suitable for Horizontal Pipe Mounting.

Syphons can be selected in terms of Pipe Schedule or Pressure Rating.

If selected in terms of Pipe Schedule common options available are SCH 40 , SCH 80 , SCH 160 ,SCH XXS

If selected in terms of Pressure Rating common options available are 3000 psi, 6000 psi and 10000 psi

Common sizes are 3/8″ , 1/2″ ,3/4″ and 1″


You can also customize Syphon based  on your requirement .Parameters include

  1. Different Diameter of Coil
  2. Different Length of Coil
  3. Different End Connections
  4. Option of Multiple Coils in same Syphon


Syphons are available in Stainless Steel, Brass, Steel, Monel,Hastelloy C, Incoloy, Inconel 600.

Siphon Tubes- Applications

  1. Syphons protect pressure measuring instruments from pulsations in the medium and from excessive heating
  2. Cooling element for fluids, gases and vapours in pressure measurement
  3. For direct mounting to the pressure connection of the pressure measuring instrument or to the shut-off device (stopcock or valve) mounted underneath

Syphon U Tube

Syphon U type
Syphon U type
Syphon U type Male X Male
Syphon U Type Male X Female
Part NoSize (Inlet)Size (Outlet)AB
FAV/SY/U1/011/4″ NPT Male1/4″ NPT Male180120
FAV/SY/U1/023/8″ NPT Male3/8″ NPT Male190130
FAV/SY/U1/031/2″ NPT Male1/2″ NPT Male200150
FAV/SY/U1/043/4″ NPT Male3/4″ NPT Male200150
FAV/SY/U1/051/4″ NPT Male1/4″ NPT Female180120
FAV/SY/U1/063/8″ NPT Male3/8″ NPT Female190130
FAV/SY/U1/071/2″ NPT Male1/2″ NPT Female200150
FAV/SY/U1/083/4″ NPT Male3/4″ NPT Female200150
Syphon Umbrella Type
U Type Syphon Umbrella MXF
Syphon U Type Umbrella Male X Male
U Type Syphon Umbrella
Syphon U Type Umbrella Male X Female
Part NoSize (Inlet)Size (Outlet)AB
FAV/SY/U2/011/4″ NPT Male1/4″ NPT Male180120
FAV/SY/U2/023/8″ NPT Male3/8″ NPT Male190130
FAV/SY/U2/031/2″ NPT Male1/2″ NPT Male200150
FAV/SY/U2/043/4″ NPT Male3/4″ NPT Male200150
FAV/SY/U2/051/4″ NPT Male1/4″ NPT Female180120
FAV/SY/U2/063/8″ NPT Male3/8″ NPT Female190130
FAV/SY/U2/071/2″ NPT Male1/2″ NPT Female200150
FAV/SY/U2/083/4″ NPT Male3/4″ NPT Female200150

Syphons 90 Degre Pigtail

Syphons 90 Degree Pigtail
90 deg pig tail MXM
Syphons 90 Degre Pigtail Male X Male
90 deg pig tail
Syphons 90 Degre Pigtail Male X Female
Part NoSize (Inlet)Size (Outlet)AB
FAV/SY/Q1/011/4″ NPT Male1/4″ NPT Male180120
FAV/SY/Q1/023/8″ NPT Male3/8″ NPT Male190130
FAV/SY/Q1/031/2″ NPT Male1/2″ NPT Male200150
FAV/SY/Q1/043/4″ NPT Male3/4″ NPT Male200150
FAV/SY/Q1/051/4″ NPT Male1/4″ NPT Female180120
FAV/SY/Q1/063/8″ NPT Male3/8″ NPT Female190130
FAV/SY/Q1/071/2″ NPT Male1/2″ NPT Female200150
FAV/SY/Q1/083/4″ NPT Male3/4″ NPT Female200150

Pig tail Syphon Q Type 180 degrees

Pig tail Syphon Q Type 180 degrees
180 deg pig tail MXM
Pig tail Syphon Q Type Male X Male
Pig tail Syphon Q Type
Pig tail Syphon Q Type 180 degrees MxF
180 deg pig tail
Pig tail Syphon Q Type Male X Female
Part NoSize (Inlet)Size (Outlet)AB
FAV/SY/Q2/011/4″ NPT Male1/4″ NPT Male180120
FAV/SY/Q2/023/8″ NPT Male3/8″ NPT Male190130
FAV/SY/Q2/031/2″ NPT Male1/2″ NPT Male200150
FAV/SY/Q2/043/4″ NPT Male3/4″ NPT Male200150
FAV/SY/Q2/051/4″ NPT Male1/4″ NPT Female180120
FAV/SY/Q2/063/8″ NPT Male3/8″ NPT Female190130
FAV/SY/Q2/071/2″ NPT Male1/2″ NPT Female200150
FAV/SY/Q2/083/4″ NPT Male3/4″ NPT Female200150

Siphon Tubes

Common size of Syphon U Type is

FAV SS 316 Syphons 1/4” NPTM x 1/4” NPTM, SCH 40


Common sizes of U Type Umbrella Syphon is

FAV SS 316 Syphons, U type, 1/4” NPTM x 1/4” NPTM, SCH 80


Common sizes of Syphons 90 Degree Pigtail Q-type is

FAV SS 316 Syphons 90 deg, Q-type 1/2″ NPTM, Schedule 80


Common sizes of  Pigtail Syphon Q Type 180 degrees is

FAV SS 316 Syphons 180 deg 1/2″ NPTM x 1/2″ NPTF, Schedule 80