Bug Screen Protector Plug

Bug Screen Protector Plug Vent Protector Mesh Hex Plug

Bug Screen Protector, or more commonly known as Bug protector or Bug Screen or Mud Dauber, protect open ends of instruments, tubing, outlet vents and bleed-off lines.The mesh wire screen prevents foreign particles such as mud dauber insects from entering and clogging various systems and causing damage. Vent Plug is used to protect tubes that are exposed to atmospheric pressure, instruments that are open to atmospheric pressure and every tube outlet that is open to atmospheric pressure.

The end of the Bug Screen Protector has a filter screen of 40 to 50 meshes, made of SS 316. This screen prevents foreign particles from getting in.

Some Common Sizes for SS 316 Vent Hex Bug Protector Screen Plug 3000 psi & 6000 psi are

  1. FAV SS 316 Vent Plug 1/8” NPTM 3000 psi
  2. FAV SS 316 Vent Plug 1/4” NPTM 6000 psi
  3. FAV SS 316 Vent Plug 3/8” NPTM 3000 psi
  4. FAV SS 316 Vent Plug 1/2” NPTM 6000 psi
  5. FAV SS 316 Vent Plug 3/4” NPTM 3000 psi
  6. FAV SS 316 Vent Plug 1” NPTM 6000 psi
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