Instrumentation Fittings and Valves, Instrument Fittings, Hook up Fittings

FAV range of Instrumentation Fittings work on the proven principle of two ferrules swagging to the tube when tighten up. As the nut is tightened the front ferrule swages on to the tube making a prominent leak-proof seal and the back ferrule makes a positive impression on the tube. Available in numerous configurations and sizes.

Our stainless steel Instrument Fittings feature low-torque, two-ferrule design provides fast and reliable leak-tight connections, even in systems having high vibration or rapid temperature and pressure fluctuations.

FAV Instrumentation Fittings and Valves are available in Stainless Steel, Brass, Steel, Monel, High Duty Bronze, Hastelloy C, Incoloy, and Inconel 600. Straight fittings are machined from cold finished bar stock and shaped bodies are machined from close grain forgings. The raw materials used fully conform to the chemical requirements of one or more of the specifications listed.

FAV Instrumentation Fittings are designed and arranged for instrumentation, process and fluid control. Hook up Fittings are offered in a variety of configurations, end connections and sizes that fulfill the need for leak-free performance of Process System. Main features that call for its use are its simplicity, compactness in design, ease of assembly, high reliability, easy availability & global acceptance.

FAV Instrumentation Fittings and Valves are designed for severe application in Oil & Gas, Chemical, and Petrochemical etc. industries. These can be used for controlling and straight isolation in process or flow control applications. These metal seated valves are machined from square bar stock and are available in sizes 1/8” to 2” in various connections. 10000 psi valves are rated up to 1” pipe size.

FAV Instrumentation Fittings and Valves are planned for leak free closure, regulation and management of fluids in process systems. With a wide variety of port sizes, end connections, style, temperature and pressure acceptance. End connection options embrace male / female NPT, Tube fittings & O-ring face seals. FAV offers stainless steel valve, brass valve, and alloy 400 valve.

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