FAV range of Fittings include Header Plugs, PTFE, Weld, Adapters, Carbon Steel, ORFS , Heat Exchanger Ferrules And Tube Inserts, Vent Protector Mesh Hex Plug, Pipe Plugs, Custom Made Fittings, Exotic Fittings, Titanium Fittings & Titanium Ferrule Compression Fittings, Duplex & Super Duplex Fittings & Valves, Heat Exchanger Tube Plugs, PTFE COATED FASTENERS-STUDS, BOLTS, NUTS AND SPRINGS, Weld Fittings

FAV offers Instrument Fittings in a variety of materials, sizes, and shapes to suit any industrial or high-purity application. Permanent, high-integrity connections provide strength and reliability in a range of alloys to meet your requirements for quality and corrosion-resistance. We provide all the adapters in SS 304, SS 316, Carbon Steel, Brass and Monel. We pride ourselves in having vast selections of stock. Even for non-stock items we can deliver the adapters within one week.

Header Plugs, UNF Plugs, Shoulder Plugs for Heat Exchanger

Shoulder plugs or header plugs are prepared for plug type header boxes in air cooled heat exchangers or fin fan air coolers. A shoulder plug and gasket are located contrasting each tube which allows access for inspection and cleaning of individual tubes

PTFE Fitting

PTFE Fitting (Polytetrafluoroethylene) a fluorocarbon-based polymer is a resin supplied in powdered form, which is mixed, preformed, and extruded into a paste, and then finally tubing. PTFE Fitting tubing can be used in a large variety of applications due to its high chemical resistance, high and low temperature capability, resistance to weathering, electrical and thermal insulation, and lowest coefficient of friction of any solid material. The fittings are translucent white in Colour.

Weld Fitting

Welding on Fittings is a permanent attachment method. Once a weld is made the part must be damaged or destroyed to disassemble it. Welding method on Fitting used welding can create a continuous joint with lower stress concentrations, while bolting will always have stress concentrations at each bolt.

Adapters Fitting

FAV gives you widest option of Thread Adapters. Convert between NPT, BSP, BSPT and JIC… etc. Also choose between Swivel and Fixed Threads where applicable

Carbon Steel Valves and Fitting

Carbon Steel Fittings and Valve are made available for urgent requirements on very short notice. Mild Steel Valves and Fittings are economical due to pricing of Raw material and at the same time give the same advantage as SS if the medium is friendly to it.

ORFS Fitting

SAE O-ring face seal (ORFS) fittings seal liquids and gases from vacuum to 6000 psig. ORFS fitting can be functional to tubing or pipe. They are “zero clearance” fittings meaning that they can be inserted and removed from systems without cutting or flexing the pipe or tubing. They are very versatile fluid connectors because it works exceptionally well on both fluids and gases.

Heat Exchanger Ferrules and Tube Inserts

Tube inserts and Tube ferrules are a metal inserted into the end of a heat exchanger tube to provide protection to the Tube mouth ends of a shell & tube type heat exchanger. The need for this Tube Ferrule arises as all tube failures occur within the first few inches of the heat exchanger tube inlet-end.

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Header Plug
Header Plugs , Unf Plugs , Shoulder Plugs For Heat Exchanger
PTFE Fitting
PTFE Fittings
Weld Fitting
Weld Fittings - Metal face Seal
Adaptor Fitting
Adaptor Fittings
Carbon Steel Fittings
Carbon Steel Valves And Fittings
ORFS Fittings
ORFS Fittings – O-Ring Face Seal Tube Fitting & Hydraulic Fittings
Heat exchanger Ferrules
Heat exchanger Ferrules and Tube Inserts
Bug Screen Protector Plug
Bug Screen Protector Plug Vent Protector Mesh Hex Plug
Pipe Plugs
Custom Fittings
Custom Made Fittings
Exotic Fitttings
Exotic Fitttings
Titanium Fittings & Ferrule Compression Fittings
Titanium Fittings & Titanium Ferrule Compression Fittings
Duplex Fittings & Valve
Duplex & Super Duplex Fittings & Valves
Hastelloy C276 Fittings And Hastelloy Valves
Hastelloy Fittings And Hastelloy Valves
Taper Plug
Heat Exchanger Tube Plugs
PTFE Coated Fasteners-Studs,Bolts,Nuts And Springs
Weld Fittings
Weld Pipe Fitting