Distribution Manifolds

Air Header or Air Manifold

Air Header or Air Manifolds act as a distribution manifolds that provides users with many connection options for isolation manifolds. We offer Air Distribution Headers, which can be used with various outlet-take-off valves. This Air Distribution Header is a very efficient machine to replace many unit valve assemblies, operating from one source. This Air Distribution Header is provided with screw- able inlet connection

FAV Air Header are available in a wide array of configurations based on end users requirement such as NPT, BSP, Butt Weld, Flanged, Socket Weld or Compression outlets.

Air Headers are used to supply several users with instrument air. Besides multiple types of standard styles we also supply the Air Headers in accordance with specific customer demands.Selection can be made from a comprehensive range of pipe styles with a variety of connections and material options, optimizing installation and access opportunities.Air Headers is a substitute for multiple valve assemblies, which normally operates from one originating point. The Air Manifolds are configured for accommodating various outlet valves. The inlet-connection can have variety of end connection.

Air Manifolds

We supply all the accessories along with Air Headers which include Instrument Valves including Ball valves and Needle valves, Tube Fittings, Couplings, Instrument Pipe Fitting or any other connections based on customers’ requirements.

Air Header are fabricated from bar stock which are customized based on customers drawings. We also provide special coating like Zink coating; Hot dipped galvanizing coating, Epoxy coating, Silver coating.The most widely material used Air Header or Air Manifolds s are SS 316 Needle Valves .They is also available in Stainless Steel, Brass, Steel, Monel, High Duty Bronze, and Hastelloy

FAV Air Header has been specifically designed for use on instrumentation, process and control systems, together with equipment employed in oil and gas, marine and shipping, chemical, chromatography, petroleum.

Air Headers

Advantages of FAV Air Header?

1. Customized Compact design
2. Multiple Valve inlets and Outlets save on Cost
3. Variety of end connections
4. Every Air Header is factory tested

Air Header
Air Header
Air Header Constructed from Bar Stock
Air Header
Air Header Constructed from Pipe

Some common sizes of Air Headers, Air Distribution Manifolds are

FAV SS 316

Air Header 10 way (5×5)

Inlet 2″ NPTF Ball Valve

Outlet 1/2″ NPTF Ball Valve with 1/2″ NPTM Plug

Drain 1/2″ NPTF Ball Valve with 1/2″ NPTM Plug


FAV SS 304 Air header, 12 Way

Pipe Size 1″

Inlet 1/2″ NPT Female

Outlet 12 off SS 304 Ball Valve 1/4″ NPT F

Drain SS 304 Needle Valve 1/2″ NPT F


FAV SS 304 Air header, 16 Way

Pipe Size 1″

Inlet 1/2″ NPT Female

Outlet 16 off SS 304 Ball Valve 1/4″ NPT F

Drain SS 304 Needle Valve 1/2″ NPT F

Air Manifold