PTFE Ferrule

PTFE Teflon Tube Inserts & PTFE Teflon Ferrules

FAV manufacturer & exporter of PTFE Tube Inserts & Teflon Ferrules which is flexible, chemical resistant, thermal resistant, non-stick and electrically resistant material .

Other useful PTFE Tube Inserts properties are its high flexural strength, even in low temperatures, high electrical resistance and dielectric strength, resistance to water (owing to fluorine’s high electronegativity), and low coefficient of friction. PTFE’s density is also very high, at 2200 kg/m3

The installation of Standard Flare Ferrules is done in few steps .

1) The mouths of the Tubes are inspected and cleared , if any abrasion or unevenness .
2) Fiber or Ceramic paper is used to wrap around the ferrules . The number of wraps depend on the difference between OD of Ferrules and ID of Tubes to give a good hold in the Tubes . If the fit is good then papers are not used .
3) The Ferrules are then inserted in the Tubes with Manual force . Hammering is done for Metal Ferrules but is not recommended for Polymer Ferrules . Manual force by Hand is sufficient for Polymer Ferrules .

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PTFE Ferrule
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PTFE Tube Inserts for Heat Exchanger
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