JIC Female Swivel Adapter

JIC Female Swivel Adapter, JIC Swivel Fitting – Adaptors and Fittings

JIC Female Swivel Adapter are parts of our JIC Fittings. Manufacturers of JIC Swivel Fitting in various sizes. They are used with Flaring of 37 degree.

FAV range of JIC Swivel Adapter work best on high pressure hydraulic applications. JIC Adaptor Fitting come in variety of styles, shapes and sizes and work on high pressure hydraulic applications. These Fittings include JIC Adaptors, Connectors and Unions in all types.

Sizes of JIC Female Swivel Adapter table for easy Selection

In Swivel Adapter JIC and in JIC Adaptors fittings as a whole, you will get confused between tube size, hose size, dash size, actual size and UNF size. Selecting wrong options will lead to incorrect product and hence always refer to the below table or mail us your inquiry in original form and we will assist you.

UNF 7/16″ – 204JIC
UNF 1/2″ – 205JIC
UNF 9/16″ – 186JIC
UNF 3/4″ – 168JIC
UNF 7/8″ – 1410JIC
UNF 1-1/16″ – 1212JIC
UNF 1-3/16″ -1214JIC
UNF 1-5/16″ – 1216JIC
UNF 1-5/8″ – 1220JIC
UNF 1-7/8″ – 1224JIC
UNF 2-1/2″- 1232JIC

JIC Swivel Fitting are engineered to save the user money and time. They are economically priced and provide excellent service as well as longevity. Providing exceptional results and quality service, these JIC hydraulic fittings with 37° are favoured by many industries and consistently exceed the user’s expectations.

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Features of JIC Swivel Fitting

  1. Easy of use with combination of Body, Sleeve and Nut.
  2. Very effective leak-proof joint, full flow connection in process tubing.
  3. Repeated disassembly and re-assembly with no need to replace any components.
  4. Wide range of configurations are available such as straight connectors, elbows, union, tees, and crosses as well as unique special adapters.

Material Options for JIC Swivel Fitting

FAV JIC Swivel Adapter / JIC Swivel Fitting are available in Stainless Steel 304 ( SS 304 ), Monel 500 , Hastelloy C 276, Incoloy 800 ( Alloy 800 ), Inconel 600, Inconel 625 , Inconel 825, Duplex 2205 and Super Duplex 32750, Stainless Steel 316 ( SS 316) , Brass ( Grade IS 319 ), Carbon Steel, Titanium Grade 2 Fittings ( Ti Gr 2), Monel 400. Most common are Stainless Steel JIC Swivel Fitting

FAV is the manufacturer of JIC Swivel Fitting

Some Common Sizes for Swivel Fitting JIC Male X Female  are,

  1. FAV SS 316 Adaptor 1/4″ JIC Male x 1/4″ JIC Female Swivel
  2. FAV SS 316 Swivel Fitting 3/8″ JIC Male x 3/8″ JIC Female Swivel
  3. FAV SS 316 Adapter 1/2″ JIC Male x 1/2″ JIC Female Swivel
  4. FAV SS 316 Adaptor 3/4″ JIC Male x 3/4″ JIC Female Swivel
  5. FAV SS 316 Swivel Fitting 1″ JIC Male  x 1″ JIC Female Swivel

JIC Swivel Fitting

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