Flanged Needle Valves

FAV has been manufacturing and Exporting Stainless Steel Flanged Needle Valves. Our Flanged Body Straight Type Needle Valve is obtainable in a comprehensive range of configurations up to 2”. Flanged Needle Valve  are offered in carbon steel (A105 ), 316 stainless steel, brass,  Monel®, alloy 20, and Duplex®.

Flanged Needle Valve as said clearly in the name syndicates the Flanges and Needle Valve into one unique product. Flanges are generally machined and then welded to the main body. Round Wheel with heightened bonnet is provided for ease in operation.

Flange Types

Flanged Needle Valves with Class 150 Flanges. Other Pressure rating for Flanges include Class 300, Class 400, Class 600, Class 900, Class 1500, and Class 2500. You can also choose between types of flanges which are Slip on, Blind, Weld Neck, Threaded, Socket Weld, Lap Joint and Orifice. This product can be totally customized to your requirement.

For sizes 2″ and above click here https://www.fav.net.in/fittings-and-valves-in-2-size-and-above/

TypePart NumberSize
Needle ValveFAV/NVF/02151307595654516214M41,25
NoPart NameStainless Steel Valve
1BodyAISI 304 – AISI 316
2CapAISI 304 – AISI 316
3Shaft BearingAISI 304 – AISI 316
4Shaft ClackAISI 304 – AISI 316
5ShaftAISI 304 – AISI 316
6Shaft SealingPTFE
7Body SealingPTFE
9PrinoutAISI 304 – AISI 316
10HandleAISI 304 – AISI 316