Block & Bleed Manifold Valve
Instrument Block & Bleed Valve
Block and Bleed Valve
Instrumentation Valves

2 Way Manifold Valves Block and Bleed Type

Orifice : 4 mm
Approximate Weight : 1.0 kg.
Pressure : up to 6000 psi.
Temperature: up to 400 c
All dimension in Millimeter

 Instrument ConnectionProcess ConnectionBA
FGV/BBM/011/4″ MALE1/4″ FEMALE8024
FGV/BBM/021/4″ FEMALE1/4″ FEMALE8024
FGV/BBM/031/4″ MALE1/4″ MALE8024
FGV/BBM/041/2″ MALE1/2″FEMALE11530
FGV/BBM/051/2″FEMALE1/2″ MALE11530
FGV/BBM/061/2″ MALE1/2″ MALE11530
FGV/BBM/071/2″ MALE3/4″ FEMALE11530
FGV/BBM/083/4″ FEMALE1/2″ MALE11538
FGV/BBM/093/4″ MALE3/4″ FEMALE11538
FGV/BBM/103/4″ FEMALE3/4″ FEMALE11538
FGV/BBM/113/4″ MALE3/4″ MALE11538