Gas Sampling Bomb and Sample bomb cylinder with Needle Valve and Gauges

Gas Sampling Bomb for natural gas sample and pressure liquid collection, storage and transportation.

Consists of Sample bomb cylinder with two Needle Valves and a single Pressure Gauge. One at Inlet and One at Outlet. Supporting Pipe Nipple and Tee is added. We can give final connection Male by using Male X Female Needle Valve. Angle Needle Valve also available on request, instead of straight Needle Valves. This configuration is used are used for Natural Gas and high pressure water  sample collection.

Gas Sampling Bomb

Gas Sampling Bomb- Sample bomb cylinder

Datasheet for Sampling Cylinder with Needle Valve and Gauges , 1800 psi

PART No.P NPT – FNeedle Valve sizePressure Rating PSIGCapacity (Internal Vol.)cm 3±5%Total Length with Needle Valve & Gauge , Approx mmD mm
FSCS150-4N2-NVG1/4”1/4” NPT F180015025560.3
FSCS300-4N2-NVG1/4”1/4” NPT F180030034560.3
FSCS400-4N2-NVG1/4”1/4” NPT F180040041060.3
FSCS500-4N2-NVG1/4”1/4” NPT F180050047060.3
FSCS1000-4N2-NVG1/4”1/4” NPT F1800100039588.9
FSCS2250-4N2-NVG1/4”1/4” NPT F18002250555114.3
FSCS3785-4N2-NVG1/4”1/2” NPT F18003785800114.3
FSCS1000-8N2-NVG1/2”1/2” NPT F1800100047588.9
FSCS2250-8N2-NVG1/2”1/2” NPT F18002250635102
FSCS3785-8N2-NVG1/2”1/2” NPT F18003785880102
FSCS1000-12N2-NVG3/4”¾” NPT F1800100052588.9
FSCS2250-12N2-NVG3/4”¾” NPT F18002250685102
FSCS3785-12N2-NVG3/4”¾” NPT F18003785930102

Datasheet for Sampling Cylinder with Needle Valve and Gauges , 5000 psi

PART No.P NPT – FNeedle Valve sizePressure Rating PSIGCapacity (Internal Vol.)cm 3±5%Total Length with Needle Valve & Gauge , Approx mmD mm
FSC150-4N5-NVG1/4”1/4” NPT F500015025560.3
FSC300-4N5-NVG1/4”1/4” NPT F500030034560.3
FSC400-4N5-NVG1/4”1/4” NPT F500040041060.3
FSC500-4N5-NVG1/4”1/4” NPT F500050047060.3
FSC1000-4N5-NVG1/4”1/4” NPT F5000100039588.9
FSC2250-4N5-NVG1/4”1/4” NPT F50002250555114.3
FSC3785-4N5-NVG1/4”1/2” NPT F50003785800114.3
FSC1000-8N5-NVG1/2”1/2” NPT F5000100047588.9
FSC2250-8N5-NVG1/2”1/2” NPT F50002250635102
FSC3785-8N5-NVG1/2”1/2” NPT F50003785880102
FSC1000-12N5-NVG3/4”¾” NPT F5000100052588.9
FSC2250-12N5-NVG3/4”¾” NPT F50002250685102
FSC3785-12N5-NVG3/4”¾” NPT F50003785930102

Function of the above arrangement of Gas Sampling Bomb

FAV range of Gas Sampling Bomb with Pressure Gauge and Needle Valves on both sides are majorly used  for evaluation, storage and movement of both liquids and gases. Pressure Gauge helps in constant and intermittent reading of the pressure. Pressure Gauges can be Air filed or Glycerin filled. We recommend Glycerin  as it gives a Stable reading. Available in Single ended cylinder with single Needle Valve and Gauges, double ended  cylinder  with duel Needle Valve and flat ended with Dual male needle Valves.  Double ended Sampling cylinders are most commonly used.

100% customization is possible for these cylinders. The major medium for them are Natural Gas but they are also used for water . Since majorly used for Gas and hence they are sometimes referred to as Gas Sampling Bomb.

Material availability

FAV Sample bomb cylinder with Needle Valves are available in Stainless Steel 304 (SS 304), Stainless Steel 316 Cylinder (SS316), Hastelloy C 276, Incoloy 800 ( Alloy 800 ), Inconel 600, Inconel 625, Inconel 825, Duplex 2205 and Super Duplex 32750, Titanium Grade 2 Fittings (Ti Gr 2), Monel 400, Monel 500. Most common are Stainless Steel natural gas Sample bomb cylinder with Stainless Steel Needle Valve and Pressure Gauges.

For Dedicated page on Titanium Sample Cylinders click here.

For Dedicated page on Duplex 2205 sample Cylinders and Super Duplex 32750 Sampling Cylinder click here.


  1. Customize your own Sampling Cylinder that fits best in your process. No two sample cylinders are same. We offer 100 % customization.
  2. Sampling cylinders in different capacity of 150 cc, 300 cc, 500 cc,1000 cc, 1500 cc, 2250 cc, 4000 cc, 5000 cc, 10000 cc. In some cases even 15000 cc.
  3. Variety of end connections includes Male / Female NPT, BSPT, BSPP
  4. Entire System available which include, Needle Valves and Pipe Fittings
  5. Standard Pressure Rating of 500 psi ,1000 psi ,2000 psi ,3000 psi and 6000 psi . High Pressure Sample Cylinder with Rating up-to 10000 psi and 15000 psi .
  6. Dust Cap provided

Typical Applications

  1. Sample hydrocarbons in refineries and petrochemical plants
  2. Water Testing Labs
  3. Small and short storage under pressure with continuous pressure monitoring
  4. Storage tanks accessories
  5. Gas Sample collection in labs
  6. Research & Development application
  7. Transportation under regulated pressure environment
  8. Snubbers in reactor feed lines
  9. Surge accumulators in high pressure gas systems
  10. Gas Sample for chromatographic analysis


Most commonly used in Construction, Industrial Building, Coal & Natural Gas Power, Water Supply & Irrigation Systems, Sewage Treatment , Oil & Gas Pipeline.

FAQs on Gas Sampling Bomb and guide for Purchasing Sample Cylinders with Needle Valve and Gauges.

What are Gas Sampling Bomb with Needle Valves used for?

They are used to facilitate storage, evaluation and movement of liquid and gas under high pressure or high temperature.

Are FAV Gas Sampling Bomb tested?

We perform high pressure proof testing with water as a medium. 100 % sample testing is undertaken with individual testing given utmost importance.

Can FAV Sampling Cylinders be used with Natural Gas?

Yes they are safe and tested to be used with Natural gas or any other gaseous medium at high temperature and high pressure  sampling cylinders

When are Flat end Cylinders preferred in this configuration?

Very rarely. But we do have requests on rare occasions.

What is the use for Needle Valves and Pressure Gauges in this type of Sampling Cylinders?

Since it has medium at a constant pressure, most common accessories are Needle Valve (for control). Needle Valve helps the pressure intact in the cylinders.

Pressure Gauges helps in continuous monitoring of any surge or drop in pressure .Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges are preferred.

Does FAV give option of installing the Cylinders in Sampling Cabinet?

Yes we do give mounting clips or hose cir-clips for attached it on the panel .This configuration is very popular in the sampling system. One of the most common Valves used with Sampling cylinder is Needle Valves

When to use single ended cylinder over double ended cylinder?

There is no general rule for above, but single end cylinder is more common when sole purpose is storage. While Double ended cylinders are used when it’s part of sampling system, instrumentation line or pre-installed in sampling cabinet. Basically it acts as pre-instrument device.

Sample Bomb Cylinder

Natural Sample bomb cylinder

Gas Sample Bomb

Sample bomb cylinder