Copper Sampling Cans

Copper Sampling Can

Copper is widely used as Sampling Can Materials .Copper is a reddish orange, soft metal that takes on a bright metallic luster. Key reasons for its use that it

1) Corrosion resistance
2) Ease of fabrication
3) Environmental friendliness
4) Mechanical strength/ductility
5) Elasticity

Datasheet and Part Number for Copper Sampling Can

Part NumberCapacityMaterialDiameterLength (inc.handle)Neck Dia. (internal)
FAV/SCS/SW41 litreCopper8.3cm35cm3.8cm
FAV/SCS/SW71.5 litreCopper8.3cm45cm3.8cm
FAV/SCS/SW102 litreCopper8.3cm63cm3.8cm


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